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How to launch a Lean Online Business with $100
and a Little Help from Clickfunnels

In today's dynamic world of e-commerce, launching a successful business on a shoestring budget isn't just a pipe dream - it's a reality for those who follow the formula. Russell Brunson, the mastermind behind Clickfunnels, has demonstrated that with the right tools and strategies, entrepreneurs can turn a minimal investment into a thriving online empire. Inspired by Brunson's approach to sales funnels, here's a fast-track guide to bootstrapping your online business startup with just a Benjamin.

4 Quick tips.

1 . Crafting a compelling narrative and unique value proposition sets you apart.
2. A virtual storefront setup can be surprisingly wallet-friendly.
3. Composing a brand personality doesn’t need a Madison Avenue budget.
4. Strategic marketing is your launchpad to customer engagement and sales.

Finding Your "Why".

In Brunson's ethos, the "why" behind your business is more compelling than the "what." This principle holds true when launching with limited funds. Distill your mission into a unique value proposition that resonates with customers, aligning with their needs and dreams. It's not just about selling a product - it's about offering a transformative experience.

Economical friendly startup.

Brunson advocates for Clickfunnels' ability to easily build marketing funnels that convert prospects into customers. Embrace that simplicity when setting up your business structure. Forming an LLC could be as affordable as $49 with certain services. A Shopify store aligns perfectly here, offering a low-barrier entry at $1 per month for early adopters.

From Zero to Hero.

Clickfunnels wasn't built on high-end design; it was the clear messaging that propelled it forward. Likewise, employ Fiverr's global talent for logo and brand styling starting at just $5. With platforms like Canva and Wix, budding entrepreneurs can craft a professional online identity without draining their resources. Remember, your brand is your story - make it as compelling as your vision.

The Clickfunnels Way.

With ClickFunnel's ease-of-use, high converting funnels, customizable templates, and integrated marketing tools that guides visitors through every step of the customer journey, it's like having a sales genie in your pocket.. Couple that with a modest daily ad spend on platforms like Facebook and Instagram for as little as $5, can seed your business launch. The goal is less about wide nets and more about precise, personalized funnels that guide your audience to the opt-in page efficiently and effectively.

Your Budget Breakdown.

Let’s run the numbers for bringing your e-commerce venture to fruition for under $100:

⦁ Business setup services: $49

⦁ Three-month Shopify store access: $3

⦁ Fiverr branding: Starting at $5

⦁ Website hosting and design: Starting at $19/month

⦁ Social media and email marketing tools: Estimated $19/month

⦁ Initial sales funnel using Clickfunnels: No initial cost

⦁ Facebook/Instagram ad budget: $5 per day

Leveraging the digital landscape's cost-efficient resources and adopting the @Clickfunnels philosophy can smooth your trajectory toward e-commerce success - all within a $100 budget. As @Russell Brunson would advise: iterate, optimize, and always deliver value - your audience awaits.

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